VA loan limitsThe VA loan limits listed below for each county are the maximum loan amounts allowed for 100% financing.

Only the high cost counties which have higher loan amounts (above $424,100) are listed below.

For all other counties not listed below, the maximum VA Loan limits for 100% financing is $424,100.

*please note that we have a maximum VA loan limit amount of $1,500,000 available when there is a larger down payment or equity and the loan-to-value is lower than 100%.

ALAMEDA $636,150
ALPINE $463,450
EL DORADO $488,750
LOS ANGELES $636,150
MARIN $636,150
MONO $529,000
MONTEREY $575,000
NAPA $636,150
NEVADA $477,250
ORANGE $636,150
PLACER $488,750
SAN BENITO $636,150
SAN DIEGO $612,950
SAN MATEO $636,150
SANTA CLARA $636,150
SANTA CRUZ $636,150
SOLANO $431,250
SONOMA $595,700
VENTURA $636,150
YOLO $488,750

Remember, these loan amount are just the maximum amounts that allow 100% financing. If you need a larger loan amount than the county maximum, you can still get a VA loan.

For loan amounts above these listed limits, you will need to make a down payment which is usually about 25% of difference between the maximum county limit and the purchase price.

For example, if you purchase a home for $500,000 and the county maximum VA loan limit is $424,100, your down payment would be $18,975 ($500,000 – $424,100 = $75,900 x .25) or 3.8% of the purchase price. The new VA loan amount would be $481,025.

So, even if you go over the county limit, in most cases, the percentage amount of your down payment is still relatively small.

And best of all, there is no mortgage insurance like there would be on other loans (FHA and conventional) with less than a 20% down payment.

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