VA Loan Rates

VA loan ratesAre you a Veteran or Active Duty Member looking for the best VA Loan Rates?

Great, you have come to the right place. Not only do we offer very competitive pricing on all of our VA home loan programs, we pride ourselves on making these loans very obtainable and affordable.

How are they more obtainable and affordable than other loans?

Not all VA lenders are the same. Some have strict lending guidelines that require higher credit scores, sometimes over 680.

Our VA home loan programs allow credit scores down to 500.

Even though the VA sets limits on the allowable fees that a veteran can be charged, some lenders still take it to the limit and their lender fees alone can add up to several thousands of dollars.

Our VA home loan programs have ZERO lender fees. That’s right, no points, no underwriting, no processing and no appraisal fees.

Your actual interest rate will depend on a combination of things, but on a VA home loan, mostly your credit score will determine the rate.

Of course the lowest rates will be available to those with the highest credit scores. But, our VA loan rates are still very attractive to those with lower credit scores.

Our management team has focused on providing less restrictive and low cost VA home loans to veterans since 1991. We have helped thousands of families in California purchase and refinance their homes.

We can provide a custom rate quote with just some basic information.

In just five minutes we can tell you what you qualify for and how much your new monthly payment will be.

Are you ready to see how a new VA home loan can help you?

Call 800-482-1996.

Posted by: Brian Bush

Brian and his team have been funding Home Loans for over 27 years.
Since 1991, they have funded over 3,000 loans

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