The basic VA loan requirements for veterans seeking to purchase a home or refinance using their VA eligibility are listed below.

  • Eligibility – the veteran must have available entitlement
  • Loan Purpose – the loan must be used to purchase, refinance, repair our construct the veteran’s primary residence
  • Occupancy – must be occupied by the veteran
  • Credit – the veteran must be an acceptable credit risk
  • Income – the total income of the veteran and spouse must be sufficient to meet the entire new monthly housing payment plus all other monthly debts, while having enough left over for family support

va loan requirementsThese are the basic VA loan requirements. Each lender will look in these areas and consider some other qualifying requirements.

To keep it simple, if you believe that you may have VA eligibility based on your military service, its a good idea to go over these basics with an experienced VA loan officer.

They will be able to help you quickly determine how much of a loan you can qualify for and what your monthly payments will be as well as any costs associated with your home purchase or refinance.

Even though all lenders have to make sure the basic VA loan requirements are met, some lenders have additional qualifications, or more strict guidelines that also must be met.

For example, some lenders require higher credit scores, lower debt-to-income ratios, more savings and reserves and longer employment histories.

Other lenders, like us strict to the basics and have less restrictive VA loan requirements. Our VA loan programs allow lower credit scores (down to 500), higher debt-to-income ratios and less savings and reserves.

Our VA lending team has been together since 1991 and helped thousands of California home buyers and homeowner obtain financing using less restrictive qualifying guidelines.

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